Endava is the leading IT services employer in Romania, for the third year running

Endava is the leading IT services employer in Romania, for the third year running

Endava is maintaining its position as the IT services employer of choice in Romania for the third consecutive year, according to a recent Biz Magazine study.

The prominent business magazine, looked at an extensive number of companies in the IT industry nationwide, analysing the key success factors for employment and employee retention, both from the employer’s and the employees’ perspective.

The study outlines the dynamics of the IT industry in Romania, where in a highly-competitive environment the company culture and the overall experience have now overtaken the salary package, formerly the decisive element for employees looking to join a company.

For consistency, similar criteria to the ones in the previous editions of the ranking were used to evaluate the companies, with salary and ongoing projects being given a weight of 25% each, employment potential 20% and company culture representing 30% of the total rating, putting a strong company culture at the forefront of employee satisfaction.

Over 70 companies that employ more than 100 people in their Romanian offices, and over 300 people working in IT, randomly selected employees, were involved in the survey to ensure an objective market overview.

John Cotterell, Chief Executive, Endava commented:

“Ranking as the leading IT services employer in Romania is much more than a passing accomplishment for us. It represents a vote of confidence in one of our largest geographies, for our sustainable approach to growth and our vision to create success for our people through a strong company culture.

To make sure we look after and protect what makes Endava special as we grow, we focus on passing on our culture and developing our people to be leaders of the future, so that we deliver excellent services for our clients.”

Employing over 2,500 people at group level, Endava focuses in its Central and Eastern Europe locations on offering great career opportunities for both IT graduates and experienced professionals.

The company invests heavily into people development programmes, with a focus on career development and personal growth, driven by knowledge sharing, collaboration between teams and creating learning opportunities to help people to be the best that they can be by calibrating high support and high challenge.

In addition, people in Endava are encouraged to engage in a wide range of initiatives meant to support the development of the local communities.

Endava continues to be an active employer throughout its Romanian delivery centres in Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi, locations where the company now has nearly 1,400 people in total.

Earlier this year, Endava was also recognised as the ITO Company of the year at the first edition of the Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence.

About Endava

Endava is a privately owned IT services company with over 2,500 employees and offices in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey, London and Frankfurt and 6 delivery centres across Romania, Moldova, Macedonia, and Serbia.

Formed in 2000, Endava works with some of the world’s biggest brands in Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, and Retail helping them harness digital technologies and transforming them into more agile, responsive and valuable businesses.

Endava’s philosophy is simple: Create success for people. The people who work for us, the people who engage with us, and the people who use the systems and platforms we design, build, and operate.

Source: Endava

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