Ericpol Becomes a Strategic Partner of TEDx Łódź

Ericpol Becomes a Strategic Partner of TEDx Łódź

Ericpol has become a Strategic Partner of the 2nd edition of the TEDx conference in Łódź, which will take place on October 11 in the Conference Centre of the Technical University of Łódź. A lecture entitled: ‘Economics based on ignorance’ will be given by Marek Gajowniczek, Ericpol’s Programmes Director.

TED (technology, entertainment, design) is one of the most popular conferences in the world, which aims to promote innovative ideas. Every year during TED conferences in California representatives of various industries, who have a modern approach to the solution of existing problems, present their ideas. Lectures have been given by such speakers as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Gordon Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert.

TEDx Łódź 2012 is an independent one-day meeting under the TED licence organized by local enthusiasts. Participants of the conference will have an opportunity to watch TEDTalks – films from the TED conference – and listen to 15 invited speakers, including Marek Gajowniczek, PhD, Ericpol’s Programmes Director. During his lecture he will talk about cooperation between business and science.

‘The pace of economic development in Poland depends on the quality of the cooperation between business and science. This problem has been recognized, but we try to solve it by means of the information technology „copy-paste” method, which very often gives completely unexpected effects,’ emphasizes Marek Gajowniczek.

Ericpol Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company and has been operating in the international ICT market for 20 years. It provides outsourcing and consulting services. It also delivers dedicated solutions in the area of telecommunications, M2M (machine to machine) communication, UX (user experience), applications for the medical sector, finance, and banking as well as solutions for business. It has 3 offices in Poland and 3 manufacturing facilities in Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden, which together form Ericpol Group and employ a total of 1,700 people.

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