Ericpol Telecom – an Agile leader

Ericpol Telecom – an Agile leader

Ericpol is a gold sponsor of an international conference AgileByExample 2011, held on 15th – 16th of September, 2011 in the building of the CBA – Centralny Basen Artystyczny in Warsaw. The conference gathers project managers, developers and programmers who apply Agile and Lean practices in their everyday work.

On the first day of the conference (Thursday) Piotr Jóźwiak, Systems Architect in Ericpol is delivering a lecture covering an example of Kanban methodology usage in Support and Maintenance teams.

‘There’s no practice that could be a universal solution to all problems. A dog can guard a house, but it won’t catch a mouse. A cat is much better ‘mouser’. We have to be sure, where Scrum works perfectly, releasing project team’s power, and when – on the other hand – iterations, decomposition and tasks estimation won’t let the engineers achieve their full efficiency’, emphasizes Piotr Jóźwiak.

During the two-days long meeting the foreign speakers will deliver 18 lectures on the following six thematic blocks:

  • Distributed Agile
  • Product Owners
  • Kanban and Scrum
  • Experience Reports
  • Estimation and Planning
  • Agile Development and Testing

The speakers will present practical problems such as technical aspects, team management, customer relationship and many others.

‘For several years Ericpol’s engineers have been leading some parts of their projects in accordance with ‘Agile’ methodology. The main difference between us and the competition is our ability to apply ‘Agile’ in large design teams up to 300 people. In a sense, we were the pioneers in ‘Agile’ area and, what’s more, we were very successful’, says Paweł Szczerkowski, CEO of Ericpol.

The first Ericpol’s Scrum teams working in an international environment were created in 2007. Working methods have been constantly optimized and adjusted to the conditions (see the Case Study). Now the entire company uses Lean practices. Due to the market expectations Ericpol established Agile Value Added Services Development Unit, which operates fully in accordance with ‘Agile’ methodology. The company makes use of its large experience in ‘Agile’ area to carry out special training courses – Agile Software Development – SCRUM.

Ericpol Telecom Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company that has been operating on international ICT market since 1991. The company provides outsourcing and consulting services as well as dedicated solutions in telecommunications, M2M (Machine to Machine) communications, UX (User experience), healthcare and business solutions area. The Ericpol Group consists of three offices in Poland and three production centres in Ukraine (Ericpol TZOV), Belarus (IOOO ERICPOL BREST) and Sweden (Ericpol AB), employing 1000 highly qualified engineers.

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