Ericpol to Be a Sponsor of 6ECM

Ericpol to Be a Sponsor of 6ECM

Several dozen lectures and symposia, conducted by eminent mathematicians, the awarding of the „European Mathematical Oscars”, events in the Planty and in the Market Square, panel debates on the social aspects of mathematics and a number of other attractions – all of this is going to happen in Krakow during the first week of July. During that time, the city will become – for the first time in its history – the mathematical capital of Europe.

The Sixth European Congress of Mathematics – 6ECM – which is being held in Poland for the first time, will bring together the most prominent representatives of the mathematical circles from Europe, the USA and other countries. 10 plenary lectures, 36 special lectures and 20 mini-symposia on the issues that contemporary mathematics is facing, will be presented by Bernhard Keller, Frank Merle, Florian Popp, Isabelle Gallagher and other scholars. The opening lecture on the mathematical model of sea waves will be presented by Adrian Constantin, a mathematician of Romanian descent, working in Vienna and London. The closing lecture on seeking a mathematical language to describe biological phenomena will be presented by the mathematical Nobel laureate, Misha Gromov from Paris.

The mathematical congress in Krakow is supported by Ericpol, the founder of the International Banach Prize, which will be awarded during the Congress for the fourth time.

Meeting people, sharing ideas and open discussion are very important in „practicing” mathematics. It should be reminded that a number of ideas developed by Stefan Banach, a brilliant Polish mathematician, and his friends and students, originated during such informal meetings in the Scottish Cafe in Lvov. This is a beautiful tradition and it is worth cultivating – says Stefan Jackowski, Chairman of the Polish Mathematical Society, co-founder of the International Banach Prize and the organiser of this year’s Congress.

Stefan Banach was born 120 years ago. To commemorate the occasion, the National Bank of Poland has issued a special coin with the scientist’s likeness and mathematical formulae taken from his works. The coin will be presented during the opening ceremony by a Member of the Management Board of the National Bank of Poland, Prof. Eugeniusz Gatnar.

Mathematics is an extraordinary science. One never knows when and how it can influence one’s life. Had Wittgenstein not dealt with mathematics, the famous Proposition 5.101, which became the foundation of modern computer science, might not have been developed. If it was not for mathematics, we might still be dwelling in caves. Therefore, we support mathematics with all our hearts. – says Jan Smela, Chairman of Ericpol, founder of the Prize and the sponsor of the Congress.

On Thursday, 5 July, the Banach Prize and other prizes of the Polish Mathematical Society will be awarded. The ceremony will be preceded by a lecture to commemorate the life of the late Andrzej Pelczar, Professor of the Jagiellonian University.

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