EVRY CEO Visits Infopulse to Discuss Mutual Development Opportunities

EVRY CEO Visits Infopulse to Discuss Mutual Development Opportunities

More innovative, more productive, more efficient – EVRY-Infopulse cooperation will expand in many areas. The visit of the high guests from EVRY to Infopulse brought many positive plans for the future.

On May 11-12, 2016, Infopulse had an immense pleasure and great honor for the first time to welcome Bjorn Ivroth, the recently appointed CEO of our mother company EVRY, to Ukraine. This visit has marked an important milestone in EVRY-Infopulse joint activities.

Among the members of EVRY delegation were Anne Ivanoff (EVP Global Delivery), Laxmi Akkaraju, Robert Blichfeldt.

The visit of EVRY delegation to Infopulse was dedicated to the discussion of the EVRY’s global development strategy. EVRY has set up an ambitious goal for further integration of Infopulse within the big EVRY family, as part of a global delivery centers development program.

A proven track record of success across different sectors, sustained by Infopulse’s commitment to deliver excellence over the course of company’s 25 years history, have confirmed the correctness of the chosen strategy.

As a result of this visit, EVRY and Infopulse are happy to announce that our productive cooperation will expand in multiple areas.

  • Global Development of EVRY-Infopulse Operations in various industries.

    As Infopulse extremely strong in Telecom vertical, has made an enormous contribution towards EVRY deliveries and demonstrated innovative approaches and decent capabilities in Business Intelligence, mobility and enterprise application management, Infopulse and EVRY together will continue to expand, strengthen and streamline EVRY Application Development Business on many levels.

    “I am positively surprised by Infopulses’s competencies, experience, and achievements. For many years, Infopulse has been serving international and local Telecom service providers, global audit and insurance firms, finance and banking industry giants, showing impressive levels of expertise. I take my hat off to the work you do at Infopulse!”

    – Bjorn Ivroth, EVRY CEO

  • Joint Bidding and Sales Operations to give our customers the best from both companies.

    EVRY and Infopulse have identified the potential to accelerate sales operations, which would contribute to the global EVRY sales strategy. Infopulse and EVRY will set up an even more efficient and unified approach to further enrich internal corporate processes and sales operations.

  • R&D & New Ideas Research. Ukraine has strong IT resources, allowing us to quickly grow and empower our developments.

    Infopulse and EVRY agreed on developing Infopulse’s innovative approaches, insights and experience in FinTech, IoT and Blockchain/Bitcoin technologies as part of EVRY Strategic Design Lab program. EVRY and Infopulse see here vast opportunities for both companies to better serve our customers from the Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Electronics and other industries.

    This R&D program will help EVRY and Infopulse shift from delivering regular basic services to leveraging business transformation by proactively solving existing and future business challenges.

The next visit of EVRY delegation and round of talks will take place this summer. Follow our news on to learn more.

Source: Infopulse

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