Goyello workshop at Gdańsk University of Technology

Goyello workshop at Gdańsk University of Technology

If a young developer wants to join an Agile team, he or she should learn all the secrets of Agile project management as early as possible.

Students of Gdańsk University of Technology had an opportunity to gain that knowledge at a lecture and workshop run by our JAVA developer and coach, Piotr Nowacki.

What are Agile principles? How does Agile differ from traditional project management methods? What is it like to run an Agile project?

Those were the issues Piotr Nowacki discussed during his meeting with the .NET group members and other students interested in the modern approach towards IT project management.

Piotr is our Agile coach and a practitioner at the same time. He has taken part in quite a number of projects run in line with Agile principles. Therefore his lectures are full of real-life cases, which makes it easier for the participants to understand any topic. Piotr very quickly makes contact with his audience.

He knows how to encourage the group to work together on team assignments as well as to ask questions and share ideas. He praises them for their willingness to take part in the discussion. Thanks to such an approach every participant has a chance of expressing their opinion or idea and get the most out of the training.

During a practical workshop that followed Piotr’s lecture the students were working on two different problems.

Since the group was pretty small, there was enough time to go through all the solutions the young people came up with, discuss the best ideas and take a look at the ones that needed some improvements.

The meeting took place on 14 April at Gdańsk University of Technology. Piotr was invited by the .NET group.

Source: Goyello

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