HR Software Market Moves Towards Web-Based Solutions

HR Software Market Moves Towards Web-Based Solutions

VT-SOFT closed a successful year. The key player on the market of the innovative and web based solutions was able to expand its customer base in 2011. The company fulfilled the customer expectations with developing high quality, complex web solutions.

Juliusz Żukowski, Managing Director of VT-SOFT Ltd. today announced the company’s 2011 results. Good sign for the future is that the average of the bigger projects value increased with 30% .The revenues of own software solutions exceeded 1 billion HUF, while for maintenance it showed a 10% increase as a part of whole revenue from last year. The value of EBITDA also reached the level of last year.

“In spite of the current, difficult economic situation, a successful year is behind us. We kept large customers, won remarkable tenders, expanded the range of customers of which 20 signed already for VT-Constellation in January. With the nearly thousand partners we cover all segments of the economy. In summary, the results were positive in recent years: both the number of customers and the value of increased spending per customer, and that forecasts growth and stability.”- said at the press briefing Juliusz Żukowski.

Research and development activities of the VT-SOFT products are still in priority.

Even after closing the bigger investment project of the last years, R&D is still an important issue, with plans of 110 million forints to be spent on. This also includes the older software solutions, like OPUS, which is constantly updated and improved, latest versions available to existing customers.

VT-SOFT’s stable operation is provided by the parent company background as well. UNIT4 Group – present in 24 countries – last year increased its net profit by 11.1%, and invested in RND with 50 million Euros. 2011 also showed increased trends towards Software as a Service (SaaS) in the whole group. In case of Hungary there is also a growing interest shown in using softwares of VT-SOFT in SaaS, request coming mainly from the smaller business partners.

Increasing focus on web solutions

Regarding company plans, Juliusz Żukowski highlighted sustainability management and focus on long-term results. He also added: “Although we are orienting ourselves to bigger companies with VT-Constellation, we can satisfy the arising needs of small business with Opus standard- and custom-made solutions. In most cases there are company specific needs and unique development requests which can be satisfied only by a flexible and easily customizable system. According to this VT-SOFT is focusing to provide the highest quality and continuous improvements, and the company still does not want to enter the market price competition.”

VT-SOFT is no longer concentrating only on the software itself, it puts more emphasize on technologically enhanced, user-friendly, integrated solutions and the variety of Web applications, moreover consulting combined with software delivered via different channels is expected to have an even bigger role.

Total web-based approach

Spring is bringing new developments on the market in the life of UNIT4 TETA as well, mother company of VT-SOFT. The plan is to extend the well-known services of Constellation with online access. The web-based package will be available to customers jointly with TETA Constellation and will be fully integrated with it. The product is dedicated to medium-sized and large companies which often need to perform front-office and self-service operations, facilitating communication and collaboration among employees, customers, partners and management of knowledge and information within organizations.

Sławomir Piwko, Vice President of Software Development, Member of the Board UNIT4 TETA S.A. said: “One of the major advantages of implementing web solutions is the possibility that the system can be used by all employees in the company. So far due to security reasons ERP package and licencing methods allowed access to information only to certain users. With the most recent web technologies, approval of documents in workflow, planning of working time, monitoring of work progress or issue of any type of enquiries will be possible online from a web browser without a need to install and update business software on users’ computers which defines a new way of communication and business collaboration.”

Over the next months VT-SOFT is working on the future developments to adjust VT-Constellation modules to the new web technology, as from next year the target is to launch the fully web-based solution on the Hungarian market.


On the event were also presented the web innovations of VT-SOFT, including a recent development: the WebHire recruiting software. This new solution is unique on the recruitment market, helping the internal and external recruitment process of HR professionals, simplifying their daily tasks. The innovative solution organizes new and existing employees in databases, and is also helping to quickly select the right candidate.

Strengthening cooperation

While the UNIT4 Group assures a stable background to provide the highest quality services for our customers locally, we expect future growth from close cooperation with their other Hungarian representative, UNIT4 CODA, who provides a wide variety of products and services for the Hungarian business world including prize-winner accounting and supplying systems, budgeting, consolidation, reporting and monitoring.

Source: VT-SOFT

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