Hungary’s telecommunications leader introduces e-signature in its shops

Hungary’s telecommunications leader introduces e-signature in its shops

Telekom is innovating personal customer service by introducing e-signature in its shops.

Through this 21st century solution, unique in Hungary’s telecommunications market, the market leading service provider is enhancing the modernization of its customer service processes and its efforts to to extend the best customer experience.

The e-signature terminals equipped with tablets operate already in selected Telekom shops and the company will gradually implement electronic administration by placing out these devices in its entire shop network until the end of the year.

The electronically recorded signatures make customer service simpler, quicker and smoother, which means purchases and doing business will really become enjoyable. In addition, this innovative solution may reduce considerably the amount of printed documents, the worktime and costs of printing, filing and storing them.

This will also improve the operational efficiency and reduce the environmental burden.

In the paperless procedure, documents are created electronically and are displayed on a tablet powered with a special software. Customers may review and then also sign them with a special stylus pen recording biometric identifiers too.

Telekom’s e-signature solution with upgraded security is in accordance with the relevant regulation and certified by an independent auditor. Customers can access the electronic documents signed any time on Telekom’s online self-service interface or, at the customer’s request, they will be printed in the shop.

Telekom’s aim is to implement full range electronic customer service in the future where legally binding documents with electronically recorded signatures will replace all paper-based contracts. The introduction of e-signature through tablets constitutes the first step of this process. On the basis of successful tests and the initial feedback Telekom is confident that its customers will prefer this innovation quite soon.

According to plans e-signature through tablets will be in operation at every Telekom shop by the end of this year, serving the residential and SMB customer pool. As a result the amount of paper used in customer service may drop to its third, which in addition to savings also contributes to reducing the environmental burden. Customers may also contribute to this through their environment conscious attitude if they don’t request the printing of documents that are available electronically any time.

Telekom cooperated with Hungarian and international partners in the implementation of e-signature. The MobilSign application was developed by Profitrade while Samsung delivered the special tablets, the operating background of which is provided by BlackBerry’s software.

Telekom aims with its continuous innovations to turn doing business quicker, simpler and more comfortable for customers. The Telekom webshop, now easy to use with smarthphones and tablets too, was upgraded in February 2015, and the Telekom account enabling one-stop online self-service was launched in June.

Telekom has won several awards for the continuous improvement of customer service and customer experience, such as the “Excellence in Customer Service – Best Personal Customer Service “ award in 2012, the “Excellence in Customer Service – Best Telephone Customer Service” in 2013 and the “Excellence in Customer Service – Best Online Customer Service” award in 2014.


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