Infopulse Zhytomyr Opens a New Information Systems Monitoring Direction

Infopulse Zhytomyr Opens a New Information Systems Monitoring Direction

Infopulse Ukraine, a member of a major Scandinavian IT group EDB ErgoGroup, will be the first company to open a Monitoring Centre in Zhytomyr.

Information systems monitoring has been actively developing in Kyiv Office of Infopulse in cooperation with EDB ErgoGroup since 2008. It is a promising area ensuring steady and continuous operation of the customers’ information systems.

“The Monitoring Centre in Zhytomyr is another step in IT-services development in our city. It is very difficult for young specialist to get involved into IT industry without professional education and relevant working experience. With the new Monitoring Centre, the motivation to work and grow in IT combined with the knowledge of English is a ticket to a promising and dynamically growing area of IT of international dimensions. We are building a team of specialists to adopt the best practices of Kyiv NOC-team and later provide information systems monitoring services with the same level of quality”

Yuriy Kravchuk, Monitoring Team Lead in Zhytomyr

The main customer of Zhytomyr team, as well as of their Kyiv colleagues, will be EDB ErgoGroup. At the same time, the team has a strategic task of developing cooperation with other Western and local customers.

Current customer base of Infopulse Zhytomyr in different areas consists of Swedish, Norwegian, German, British and American companies. Along with the new area of monitoring, Zhytomyr Office actively develops such areas as .NET, C++, Packaging (Installation), SharePoint, Testing.

Source: Infopulse

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