Information Technologies Saved 13 Million Hectares of Ukrainian Forest in 2012

Information Technologies Saved 13 Million Hectares of Ukrainian Forest in 2012

On 25th October millions of companies in the world celebrated the “World Paper Free Day”. “Let’s use the paper rationally” the motto of the World Paper Free Day campaign, taking place every year on the last Thursday of October all around the world, during which companies are able to share their experience of the rational paper use in the office environment.

According to the statistics, every week an ordinary office employee prints 6 documents of 10 pages, which is about 2880 paper sheets. The average company has 50 to 200 employees, which means millions of hectares of forest each year wasted for paper production in the scale of thousands of companies in such multi-million citizen’s country like Ukraine. According to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) data, saving a ton of paper can save 17 trees, 26 thousand liters of water, 3 cubic meters of land, 240 liters of fuel and 4 thousand kW/h of electricity.

Using the modern information technology every company has the opportunity to contribute to the paper saving and thus save millions of hectares of Ukrainian forests. There is the possibility of recycling used paper, but you can, in principle, minimize the use of paper with the help of electronic document management systems (EDMS) that reduce paper usage by 40% in average.

Today there are several quality platforms for EDMS in Ukrainian market. The most popular of them are DocsVision, Directum, and Softengi systems based on Microsoft SharePoint, which is individually customized for each customer, and is able not only to simply transfer the entire workflow from the company in electronic format, but unite employees, documents and processes of the company.

Olga Lomakina, Softengi Project Manager: “Approval of holidays and employees’ work, description of the company and holding procedures, memos – all this can be done now in electronic form. In our experience, optimization of the classical approach to EDMS helps to move 20% to 50% of all the processes in electronic form, which greatly simplifies the work of the company. With a reasonable approach to the optimization of business processes, this number can reach 80%”.

Electronic document management systems have significantly reduced the cost of material, time and human resources, and with it saved tens of millions of hectares of Ukrainian forests in 2012.

Softengi is a professional IT outsourcing service provider with a fifteen-year experience in the fieldю Softengi is a part of Intecracy Group consortium. Its main competencies are outsourcing software development and development centers establishment and operating, in both covering the full cycle of the processes.

Source: Softengi

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