Innovation of the Year 2011 for Software Mind Brand Service

Innovation of the Year 2011 for Software Mind Brand Service

Software Mind SA has won the competition Innovation of the Year 2011. It was awarded for its Software Mind Brand Service system.

Innovation of the Year is a competition implemented under the auspices of the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Innovation of the Year is a nationwide programme designed to promote the idea of innovation, modern, unique and original solutions, and encourage businesses to develop innovative technological ideas. Its task is also to penetrate the market in order to search for, and then distinguishing innovative products and technologies that after evaluation, receive a certificate of the Innovation of the Year.

System Software Mind Brand Service implements the strategy of Social CRM – it is a business strategy focused on building company value growth by maintaining relationships with customers using social networks.

The business goal of Software Mind Brand Service is automatic, real-time analysis of the content found on the Internet (especially forums, blogs, social and information networks), which aims to find posts / comments / statements / opinions on brands, pointing to customer questions / problems / dissatisfaction.

Opinions found are presented in a client application, accessed by the customer service consultants. The application provides opinions found ranking them (the more important the opinion is, the more people read it, the higher its priority). Every opinion is linked to the place where it was found. The consultant supporting the given brand can help / give information / submit an offer to the customer expressing dissatisfaction, having a problem or a question, directly on the website.

Source: Software Mind

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