Innoware Implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Headtechnology Group

Innoware Implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Headtechnology Group

Innoware specialists completed the implementation project of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 in headtechnology Group. Automation of data consolidation and management reporting generation, including purchase, sales and relationships management were the key objectives of this project.

headtechnology Group specializes in distribution of information security solutions, having 10 offices that deal with more than a thousand resellers in 35 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Due to allocated company structure the parties of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation project took up a challenge, connected with regional offices management centralization, consolidation of management reporting and optimization of operational activity of the company (simplification of invoicing procedures and settlement payments with partners. Innoware was chosen as the implementation partner, as its experts had an impressive Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation experience, and were able to develop and implement an optimal solution for the given tasks within the named budget and calendar plan.

headtechnology Group operations specifics involves the active use of management tools for purchasing, sales, relationships with suppliers and partners, planning and budgeting. Due to Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation headtechnology Group gave up laborious Excel reporting in favor of integrated management reporting system, which allows to generate real-time reports based on consolidated data. During the project Innoware experts adapted Microsoft Dynamics NAV according to headtechnology’s business processes specifics. In particular exchange rate difference management, settlement payments in different countries and special instant reports for managers and analysts were implemented.

It is important that the project was completed within the planned budget of 35 000 euros and time – the implementation works lasted three and a half months. These figures show the professionalism of the team involved in the project, as according to Panorama Consulting research, over 60% of ERP implementation projects do not fit into the planned budgets.

«Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the strategic move with potential for further intensive growth of our company. The project not only solved the recent problems with consolidation of the company allocated offices management, but also significantly simplified the daily tasks of my colleagues in the central and regional offices. Now all the operating activities of the company are clearly visible, it will allow us to make operational decisions, to make short- and long-term forecasts and to monitor the objectives achievement in real time», – comments Alexey Suchkov, the head of Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation project in headtechnology Group. «At the moment the project is completed only for offices in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but they more than half of the operational load accrue to them. In the near future we plan to connect other offices, thus we will be able to fully evaluate the benefits of the new system».

«The project was particularly interesting because the international company evaluated the advantages of the modern enterprise resource planning system and the benefits of data centralization. This allows to reduce costs and save time during routine operations, as well as improve the accuracy and relevance of corporate reporting. Taking into account that headtechnology offices are located in different countries, unification of their work into one system involves significant benefits for them. It means that the company will be able not only to obtain accurate financial information about activities at any time, but also improve the quality of services by being able to forecast customer needs and timely response these needs. Complex of measures and changes in processes that rely on new features obtained by headtechnology, enables to assume that the company will be able to increase profitability without increasing costs for operating activities», – comments Dmytro Popinako, Innoware CEO.

Source: Innoware

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