Intellias Is the Best Lviv’s IT Employer For the Second Consequent Year

Intellias Is the Best Lviv’s IT Employer For the Second Consequent Year

Intellias, one of the leading Ukrainian providers of nearshore software development services in D-A-CH region has been voted for as the best IT employer in Lviv for the second consequent year. According to the well-recognized resource DOU, which is the most popular and reputable community portal for Ukrainian developers, Intellias has scored as the best IT company to work in Lviv.

This year the number of interviewed employees has increased four-fold, representing 32 Ukrainian companies from prominent outsourcing locations such as Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Lviv and Odessa. More than 5,600 software and web development professionals have provided their feedback on their satisfaction with the five main areas in their companies: projects and team, compensation, career and professional growth, work environment as well as management.

Intellias has got significantly ahead of the other survey participants in the following areas:

  • ultimate work-life balance
  • higher salary than a market average
  • willingness to recommend a company to friends and other contacts

Michael Puzrakov , company’s CEO for Business Development, comments: “It is important for us to test the employees’ rating of our company against ones of the competitors. Within a highly competitive labour market in local IT outsourcing industry, it becomes imperative to prove our strengths and differentiate ourselves upon them. In addition, we view survey data as a valuable complementary input to the internal employee satisfaction surveying results we receive every six months”.

Olha Dyuzheva, Intellias Head of HR, shares her opinion on DOU survey’s findings:

“Scoring high for the work-life balance is an evidence of the company’s effective policy on encouragement of balance between employees’ work and personal life. It allows everyone at Intellias to attain much higher level of achievement at work and increased enjoyment from their after-hours activities.”

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