Intersog Releases Mobile App Strategy Workbook

Intersog Releases Mobile App Strategy Workbook

We are pleased to announce the release of a complementary Mobile App Strategy Workbook (MASW) designed specifically for businesses that are looking to harness the power of mobile or revisit their existing mobility offerings and solutions.

The Workbook aims to assist organizations in leveraging their investments in mobile development by identifying strategy that will be geared specifically towards their business goals and expected outcomes from mobility.

The Workbook is comprised of checklists, questions and action items to help companies:

  • brainstorm on mobile product ideas and assess their mobile app vision
  • complete proper competitive research
  • evaluate current operational efficiencies, and consumer facing / marketing communications
  • choose the right mobile platform and technologies
  • choose the most appropriate mobile analytics tools
  • plan and execute mobile app marketing and enterprise mobile app integrations
  • choose the most suitable monetization strategy
  • learn how to lead (innovate) and not follow (play catch up) in mobile

The ultimate takeaway that should be expected from using this Workbook is a clear vision of where companies are now with their mobility and where they should be heading to improve business efficiency, employee productivity and other critical KPIs.

Source: Intersog

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