iSpeedCam Latest Version Is Out!

iSpeedCam Latest Version Is Out!

Dear drivers, we thank those who are already using our iSpeedCam app for their travels and we invite the rest of you to try it too. Today, a new version has been released and you may have this update FOR FREE! The highlights of the 2.2.0 version are: faster POI files import and social platform outlook. Massive bug fixes and performance improvements have been undertaken in order to make the app more reliable and more efficient for the users.

Good news is also that iSpeedCam’s speed trap database covers Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. As we know there are no official camera databases, and the available traffipax databases show superfluous camera locations or lack them, iSpeedCam allows you to tailor the camera database. By a single touch you can add new cameras or filter out the unwanted ones. Later on, you can backup and restore these cameras directly from your device.

Overmore, you can import your favorite POI files, which contain the cameras for your locations. Download or create your own Garmin, MapMonkey, MIO or IGO speed camera (POI) files and sync it to your device using the supporting web application.

When travelling, iSpeedCam displays the outline of your current track overlaid on Google Maps and calculates a several statistics about it, e.g. your track distance, its total time, maximum speed achieved, etc. These tracks are recorded and saved in the iSpeedcam’s database, so you will be able to review them later. The GPS tracking feature works with and without internet connection as well.

iSpeedCam works both with metric and imperial unit system, therefore you can customize the speed camera database, the warning distances and the camera types, as well.

iSpeedCam is the most advanced Traffic Enforcement Camera warning system for the iPhone world. It handles various types of traffic cameras, speed limits in metric and imperial unit systems, and a map feature using Google Maps enhanced with track recording, provided you have internet connection (!) and it issues various statistics about your routes. As most radar detectors draw your attention too late about photo enforcement systems, iSpeedCam might be your ultimate companion to avoid costly speed tickets.

The Codespring solution was launched in 2009 to protect drivers from costly speeding tickets and to improve careless and inattentive driving habits. The application offers to be your copilot, producing audible and visual warnings each time you approach a speed camera while driving your car. The display indicates the allowed speed limit, the actual speed and the distance between your car and the registering camera. You can simply sit back and enjoy driving your way with iSpeedCam.

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