Manufactures ICT Procurement Trends Discussed by Kable in Insightful Research Study Available at

Manufactures ICT Procurement Trends Discussed by Kable in Insightful Research Study Available at

To answer to various competitive challenges worldwide, manufacturers have to devise efficient IT strategies. More than half of the manufacturers (56%) surveyed prefer to procure various technologies directly from suppliers. Technologies from local resellers and national resellers are also in high demand among producers. Local resellers, though, are preferred more than national resellers due to their ability to provide well-timed support, the ease of availability, along with competitive pricing.  Manufacturers’ IT investment strategies are mainly influenced by the need to show the value of IT to the business as well as show how IT can be used to support revenue growth.

Enterprise applications on-site as well as security and content management applications are the major technologies deployed by manufacturers. Leading-edge technology is deemed to be the main criteria while choosing a particular ICT provider. More than 78% of the manufacturers favour deploying technologies on-site as compare to hosting, with security and content management following after.

Insightful research study “ICT Procurement trends in Manufacturing – Enterprise ICT investment plans” worked out by Kable discusses various manufacturers’ approaches to ITC procurement.

The research report offers a deep survey of the major approaches taken by the 166 manufacturers to the purchase of technologies. It also thoroughly examines the main IT and business objectives that have a bearing on manufacturers’ IT investment strategies. The study contains an insightful analysis of the key factors influencing manufacturers’ decisions when choosing an ICT provider, describes the business and IT objectives that manufacturers strive to achieve, as well as provides a clear understanding of which organisational roles affect ICT purchasing decisions as well as signing off budgets.


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