misoft Expands Its Operations with the Opening of a Second Development Center

misoft Expands Its Operations with the Opening of a Second Development Center

misoft systems reinforces its plans of strategic growth and opens a second development center in Oradea. The new office is operational starting 19th of March and allows misoft to keep up with its recent expansion on external markets.

“As a company, we have continued to demonstrate stability and credibility, which is why we will further position as a trustworthy business partner able to sustain new business engagements and to meet our customers’ expectations. The opening of our new office in Oradea will support our business by consolidating our delivery capacity and will enable the company to enhance its growth perspectives”, said Iulian Iuga, misoft systems’s CEO & Founder.

Following a strong 2011 with expanded number of clients, the new office is intended to support misoft systems’ technical consulting & software development operations.

Oradea was chosen for the opening of the new office due to its proximity to Cluj-Napoca where misoft headquarter is located, and because of its Technical University with long tradition.

“We have always been committed to build a dynamic and experienced team of professionals. Nowadays, our ability to attract talents becomes a priority. The new office and team will continue to focus on delivering quality services in a professional and proactive manner and are intended to grow industry expertise within company’s team” added Mr. Iulian Iuga.

He chosen location for the office is Oradea Plaza, a newly modern and multifunctional complex situated in the city center of Oradea. In the area can be found the main tourist attraction points and all important institutions are located close to Oradea Plaza Complex.

Spanning both shores of the Crisul Repede River, the city of Oradea is located less than 150 km from Cluj-Napoca and is just 300 km from Budapest, both connected through daily international flights to major European cities.

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