MobiDev At Founder Institute: Here’s All You Need To Grow A Startup

MobiDev At Founder Institute: Here’s All You Need To Grow A Startup

The Founder Institute offers courses to tech startup founders around the world.

It unites aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned experts who are ready to share experience and best practices.

It’s a global network of over 30,000 applicants and 3,346 CEO Mentors. The Institute relies on practical approach and plays the role of accelerator for startups created by the graduates. Becoming a Mentor is also a rewarding experience. MobiDev, as a company experienced in developing world-class software products for startups, now has its CEO, Oleg Lola, as one of them.

All you aspiring tech entrepreneurs, the essential knowledge about forming the right startup team and product development is waiting for you at Munich Autumn 2014 of the Founder Institute. Both courses are scheduled for January 2015. Let’s unveil a couple of details on each subject:

Team And Advisors (January 12, 2015, 06:30 PM)

This is helpful by discerning and recruiting talent for your startup.

  • identifying advisors to provide you with validated feedback on your business;
  • recruiting and managing advisors; providing them with necessary information about your product;
  • identifying the right roles to help you launch your product;
  • recruiting process;
  • pros and cons of having a cofounder.

Product Development (January 19, 2015, 06:30 PM)

This will show you the optimal ways of building a product that will be loved by users.

  • planning to build the offering, making a competitive research;
  • building the product roadmap and specification;
  • setting priorities and organizing resources effectively;
  • estimating time and costs;
  • identifying and avoiding the most common mistakes;
  • measuring your success with key indicators.

You can be a born tech startup founder with plenty of enthusiasm. You can have all the needed traits that successful startup CEOs have. But that’s just a basis, rather ineffective without regular training courses with lots of practice and expert feedback. It’s the science that never stops evolving, since neither does the tech world.

So if building a successful startup is in your cards, these courses mean plenty of invaluable practical insights for you.

How do you apply for participation?

It’s very simple. You submit an application, pay the €50 Application Fee, and receive an Admissions Test. You have three days to finish the test; it will take you just about an hour to complete. When you are accepted, you have to pay the €850 Course Fee and upload the signed Founder Agreement to enroll. If you proceed here to apply, you won’t have to pay the Application Fee, and you’ll receive the Admissions Test for free.

Keep in mind that this unique opportunity is valid until November 2, 2014 – and it’s one of the opportunities that just can’t be missed. We’ll be glad to see you in Munich and share the knowledge that will help your startup grow into a fruitful success.

Source: MobiDev

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