ODT Now an Official Intetics Trademark

ODT Now an Official Intetics Trademark

Intetics’ Offshore Dedicated TeamTM (ODT) business model is more than just a name or a title, it is now our official “calling card.” The name of our unique service delivery model is now officially trademarked, making it an unmistakable symbol of the innovative and flexible way Intetics provides services to our clients.

With our ODT, Intetics’ clients receive complete infrastructure and administrative services provided by the most talented and experienced team of software professionals dedicated exclusively to their projects. Although remotely located, the ODT operates like part of the client company – but with all the advantages of outsourcing – and allows the client to perform as a truly global company.

Intetics’ clients can now follow the “official” ODT symbol to facilitating efficient team creation and long-term partnering.

Source: Intetics
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