A New Vision in Organizational Management by Prodinf

A New Vision in Organizational Management by Prodinf

Organizations seek to use informational systems that would cover as many operational, support and management processes as possible, that would allow them a tight process control and would help them calculate the profitability of any management structure.

More often than not organizations choose a multitude of point solutions, more or less integrated, that only partially cover the operational processes. The time and costs related to their integration and maintenance become a considerable strain on the human and financial resources of the organization, without guaranteeing the desired result.

Ensuring the required hardware and software infrastructure is also an issue, together with proper staffing at optimal quality levels..

Prodinf Software’s solution covers all operational, support and management processes, it can be installed on client’s premises or be delivered as a service and requires minimum implementation time.

Thus the initial costs of such an informational system are down to zero, the client company only pays a monthly fee which includes the implementation services spread over a period of time after the commissioning of the system. The main benefits of such a vision can be found in the guarantee of the project’s success and the reduced strain on the company’s cash-flow.

The extensive configuration capabilities of the system, accessible to the business users, ensure the support continuity and the ability to model the business dynamically, allowing the organization to adapt on the fly to the market’s evolution and reducing the dependence on the solution provider.

Since 2004 Prodinf Software offers its clients SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions on its own infrastructure. These solutions can be installed either on client’s premises or hosted in the Cloud.

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