Romania in the Top 10 Emerging Countries for Outsourcing

Romania in the Top 10 Emerging Countries for Outsourcing

Romania has been ranked in the top 10 emerging outsourcing destinations in the Outsourcing Business supplement distributed on June 11th by The Times in association with the National Outsourcing Association (NOA).

The article mentions that wage inflation and rising staff attrition is reducing India’s cost effectiveness and allowing other locations to take a bigger slice of the global outsourcing pie. Companies are now much more open minded about where outsourcing providers are based as they hunt down new destinations that offer the best service for their money.

Romania is ranked 6th in The Times outsourcing supplement which points out that although it may not seem an obvious choice, Romania has an ever increasing reputation as an attractive outsourcing destination and a leader in IT outsourcing. With more than 100 universities, Romania is renowned for its high quality labour pool with language and mathematics skills in abundance. It was ranked 25 in the 2011 Global Services Location Index produced by management consultancy A.T. Kearney.

John Cotterell, Endava’s Chief Executive added further comment on the region:

“Romania is seen as a unique location. It is easy to reach with a 2-3 hour flight from major European capitals and the IT centres in Romania are all university cities where we can also find available office space and excellent communications infrastructure.

Another important advantage for Romania as a nearshore destination is the fact that the country is an EU member state, and that banks and financial services organisations find software engineering and development expertise within a legally and politically stable environment. This enables them to match their compliance requirements with cost-effective and rapid project delivery.”

Source: Endava
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    Congratulations to Romania, then! Being ranked as 6th among the Top 10 Emerging Countries for Outsourcing can be the one of the best achievements they will receive so far. I think the competition has now become higher! But, this is actually good news to companies located near or almost-near them that need outsourcing services.

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