Romania sees growing demand for smartphone and tablet business solutions

Romania sees growing demand for smartphone and tablet business solutions

According to a survey conducted at regional level by Entersoft on the use of mobile applications in the business environment, more than 80 percent of those surveyed felt that such platforms help them be more efficient in their daily activity, increasing their productivity up to 5 times.

The trend is manifested in Romania as well, especially at the level of managers who want to be constantly updated with the evolution of the businesses they manage.

“In Romania, nearly 40 percent of our clients are considering an upgrade to the Entersoft platform which to enable them to use the business management applications on mobile devices. Thus, a manager can have at a one touch distance information about the orders of the day, about the company’s cash flow or about how many customers were visited by the sales team. On the other hand, the operational team has available a tool through which they can grow 3-4 times or more the speed of execution of recurrent actions,”

said Cristi Cozic, Country Manager Entersoft Romania.

Most of those who responded to the Entersoft survey pointed out that they would choose a complex software for the phone or tablet in order to reduce costs and increase productivity, but they would be very careful about the safety of the information submitted.

The questionnaire was conducted over February – March 2015, on a sample of more than 100 companies from 5 countries.

Entersoft S.A. is a leading business software and services provider in South East Europe and the Middle East. It offers a comprehensive and integrated business software suite with ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, E-Commerce and B.I. applications.


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