Ropardo: Report from the CommunicAsia

Ropardo: Report from the CommunicAsia

Ropardo’s Day 4 @ CommunicAsia

We end up checking not just another event on this years’ agenda, but a rewarding one with a new market to explore, new ideas and experiences.

Keep IT Simple is what we believe in and what we do. With application in a large range of industries, our solutions explore cutting-edge technologies to ensure a better future for people, businesses and society altogether.

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Ropardo’s Day 3 @ CommunicAsia

All is going beyond expectations! Our representatives at the event present innovative software products with applications in the automation of the sales process and integration in the management flow. The new products have emerged from the actual needs of end users in these areas, along with the need for companies to reduce overheads and to expand into new markets.

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Ropardo’s Day 2 @ CommunicAsia

DSCF0778Today we have prepared an interesting presentation of our Heart Rate Application for future-to-be partners.

For us healthcare solutions supported by mobile apps and wearable devices are not simply a trend, but a real opportunity for people to talk themselves into choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Soon everyone will enjoy the benefits of devices that help them stay healthy, prevent serious medical accidents like heart attacks or allow immediate intervention from professional.

And we are happy we are part of it and bring our contribution to this change.

See our healthcare solutions right here .

singapore day 1 smaller Ropardo’s Day 1 @ CommunicAsia

We have arrived and are eager to receive our visitors in Hall B, Stand BA4-01 for lively discussions on latest trends in communication and our history in building solutions in this area.

With a broad experience and commitment to develop the latest innovations and software solutions dedicated to businesses and also home users, ROPARDO has been focusing for a good while now on mobile solutions: wearable devices and technologies, mobile payment, mobile health and more.

Successful solutions have already been created for banking, healthcare, tourism, manufacturing and production, distribution and wholesales, and we are looking forward to new challenges.

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