Partnering with S4M, a Farabi Co, product of Wind Mobile reaches for the Middle East

Partnering with S4M, a Farabi Co, product of Wind Mobile reaches for the Middle East

LiveBank, one of the key products of Wind Mobile Group, will be launched in the Middle East region soon.

The Group has established a strategic partnership with Solutions 4 Mobility (S4M) – a pioneer in Enterprise Mobile Applications, in the Middle East (ME) region.

LiveBank, with its broad spectrum of offering in advanced video, audio and live-chat collaboration for end-customers, is dedicated to the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) Sector.

Thanks to its partnership with S4M, a company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, LiveBank will be strongly poised to reach out to potential BFSI customers across the GCC; United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

S4M, a major regional player that offer high-quality digital content on heterogeneous mobility platforms to the BFSI, Automotive, Airline, Healthcare and Government sectors, is a strategic partner of choice as their steadfast attitude towards quality and exceeding customer expectations is in harmony with Wind Mobile Group’s passion to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

S4M’s experience with deploying world-class quality online and mobile channels within the time-frame is, unparalleled. This partnership with S4M is in line with Software Mind’s strategy for entering foreign markets with its innovative products.

“We’re very happy to have established this cooperation with S4M. Together with S4M we have decided to define a value-added type of partnership. This means that the aim of such a partnership is to transfer the necessary know-how to S4M, allowing them to act in the future as the prime contractor in the region.

I’m certain that LiveBank will attract the attention of the BFSI sector in the Middle East and will be a perfect addition to S4M’s offer. LiveBank works on smartphones and tablets across platforms such as Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. There are many areas within a bank and its branches where, by implementing a LiveBranch product, can lower costs and increase efficiency and productivity”

– says Tomasz Maciantowicz, Marketing and Global Sales Managing Director.

“We’re extremely excited and optimistic with this alliance with Software Mind to promote their product LiveBank”

– says Bachar Kassar, Managing Director of Solutions 4 Mobility.

“Software Mind is already a leader in the digital solutions market globally, while S4M is a trusted and proven Organisation in the area of Mobility Applications especially in the BFSI sector in the ME and with this cooperation, we will be able to offer innovative, competent and flexible solutions that will enrich the end-customer’s experience through their mobile devices”

– he added.

Source: Wind Mobile

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