Siemens Hungary supports universities with equipment

Siemens Hungary supports universities with equipment

The Hungarian subsidiary of Siemens is supporting four Hungarian universities – Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Óbuda University, Széchenyi István University in Győr and University of Szeged – by providing them with modern automatizing products and development software, according to an announcement issued.

The equipment to be delivered by Siemens will compliment the technological facilities of workshops at the universities. The future labor market positions of students at these universities is expected to improve through the equipment donation, Siemens explains.

Siemens delivered the equipment in September, and in the fall term of this academic year students will have the opportunity to use the new tools.

“For Siemens Zrt. it is important to support domestic universities … Siemens has been a mentor for higher education in Hungary for years, and our company builds on talented youth,”

said Tamás Jeránek, CEO of Siemens Zrt. Digital Factory and Process Industries and Drives.


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