Sigma Joins EU Tempus Project

Sigma Joins EU Tempus Project

This Spring Sigma has signed an agreement with the European Commission to join Tempus. A three-year international program is aimed to promote the synergy between academic programs, research expertise and business.

Tempus project contributes to the development and reform of higher education in European countries in terms of quality and relevance, and to promote voluntary convergence with EU developments.

Sigma Ukraine will be involved in Tempus activities to contribute better fit of national universities’ educational programs to the labor market demands in Ukraine.

“Sigma Ukraine activities cover participation in job fairs, competitions and exhibitions, and our specialists are actively involved directly into the training processes,” says Nataly Potapova, Sigma Ukraine Training Manager. “Within the scope of Tempus, together with other project members we will work on guidelines to make educational programs a better fit to market demands, sharing ideas, and welcoming student visits with topical lectures.”

As a result students are expected join IT companies` teams much more easily after graduation, and get additional motivation for studying.

“With joining Tempus we put our endeavors within the field of IT education on a higher level, and hope the project will make a strong positive effect, changing the situation for all interested parties,” says Niklas Malmros, Global Operation Manager at Sigma Kudos. “Sigma is constantly expanding scope of cooperation with universities, offering new employment opportunities for future graduates.”

Sigma Ukraine, as a member of European Business Association EBA IT Committee was a coordinator and co-author of a document which provides an improvements roadmap for strengthening IT education in Ukraine. The document is in operations since the end of 2011.

Source: Sigma

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