Sigma Ukraine Cooperates with NTU “KHPI” Computer College

Sigma Ukraine Cooperates with NTU “KHPI” Computer College

Sigma Ukraine and Kharkiv Computer and Technology College – a division of NTU “KhPI” – have signed a cooperation agreement.

The agreement covers company’s participation in educational programs creation, joint internships and trainings, assistance in magisterial staff qualification upgrade and students’ job placement. College graduates will be welcomed to apply for open positions of interns or junior specialists.

In addition, Sigma Ukraine will facilitate the college progress by opening company’s class, fitted with modern technical equipment. Sigma Ukraine classes already exist in several Kharkiv universities, such as KhAI and KNURE, and have shown to be an effective tool in improving quality of young professionals training, bridging the gap between educational system and the commercial market.

“IT companies sustain an acute lack of personnel. The industry is rapidly moving forward, creating new workplaces, therefore number of graduates and quality of their knowledge need to improve. Sigma Ukraine cooperates several years with Kharkiv educational institutions for several years, and have participated in activities aimed at reforming education system at the state level thereto. We in Sigma Ukraine have also been part of a governmental working group to elaborate an IT education development plan, which was signed in 2011 by the Prime Minister N. Azarov,” says Dmitry Vartanian, Sigma Ukraine CFO.

“One of the barriers dealing with lack of personnel is an underdeveloped system of secondary special education, where graduates are expected to be work-ready after 2-3 years of studying,” says Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Ukraine COO. “Kharkiv Computer and Technology College have also initiated a revision of the training process, tuning the training programs to the needs of commercial market. We hope that in the future colleges will graduate a large number of ‘ready-to-work’ skilled students and make a significant contribution to overcoming IT specialists lack in Ukraine.”

Source: Sigma Ukraine

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