Sigma Ukraine Opens New Class at NTU “KhPI” Computer College

Sigma Ukraine Opens New Class at NTU “KhPI” Computer College

Within the framework of cooperation agreement signed on June 22, Sigma Ukraine opens new classroom at Kharkov NTU “KPI” Computer and Technology College.

The new renovated classroom has 15 workplaces for students and professors, and is equipped with modern computers, furniture, Internet access point and information stands. Lectures and practical trainings at Sigma Ukraine classroom started on September, 3. Official class opening is planned for October, 12, celebrating the 65th College anniversary.

Sigma Ukraine classrooms are successfully working in several Kharkov universities, extending cooperation between business and education, making a positive contribution to IT education development in Ukraine and improving quality of young specialists training.

“The new classroom is a modern laboratory. Together with everyday classes, special trainings involving Sigma Ukraine’s specialists and the best college professors will take course in the new classroom herein after,” says Nataly Potapova, Sigma Ukraine training manager. “Our company will also take an active part in the training plan development for ‘Software systems and complexes service’ and ‘Software Development’ specialties. College graduates will be able to apply for open trainees or juniors positions.”

“Classroom opening is just the first stage of cooperation between our company and Kharkov Computer College. Joint trainings and internships for students, qualification upgrade for college professors are planned for the nearest future,” says Valery Krasovsky, Sigma Ukraine COO. “Our cooperation will improve students training level and address today’s lack of personnel problem.”

Source: Sigma Ukraine

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