Softjourn Promises More Apps Coming for Mobile Scanning/Swiping and Mobile Printing

Softjourn Promises More Apps Coming for Mobile Scanning/Swiping and Mobile Printing

Softjourn, Inc., a software development company based in Fremont Calif. with operations in Ukraine, has partnered with Infinite Peripherals, Inc., the leading developer of mobile point-of-sale (POS) devices.

Through this partnership, more companies will be able to create complex mobile business solutions for field services, work order management, ticket processing, point-of-sale (POS), etc., and they, and their clients, will benefit from the ease-of-use, convenience and efficiency of working anywhere.

The Linea Pro and InfineaTab devices, manufactured by Infinite Peripherals, add laser-based barcode scanning and a magnetic stripe card reader (for credit card swiping) to iOS devices, including the iPod® touch, iPhone® and iPad®.

Mobile scanning/swiping devices can interact with software written for any type of industry: time/labor, asset tracking, inventory management, inspection/work flow, security, delivery, dispatch, hospitality, lab, and medical.

The applications are written and uploaded to the iPod touch or to an iPhone just like any app available from Apple®’s iTunes® Store.

Because the Linea Pro doesn’t come with any accompanying apps, most businesses need to have a custom app written—and this is where Softjourn comes in. Softjourn has been developing customized software that works with Linea Pro and Infinea Tab devices for several years.

“Infinite Peripherals is an impressive company to work with. They’re constantly coming out with quality products based on customer demand. Softjourn is very excited to be working more closely with Infinite Peripherals and to see all the changes they are making to their portfolio of products. We look forward to continuing to develop more and more apps for them and for Infinite Peripheral customers!”

— Emmy B. Gengler, CEO, Softjourn, Inc.

About Infinite Peripherals 

Since 1993, Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC) has been fueling mobility with cutting-edge mobile peripheral devices, receipt printers, mechanisms and receipt printer-related components. Numerous major retailers in the United States are moving to mobile POS with IPC’s Linea Pro® and Infinea Tab®, helping to transform shopping, drive traffic and increase customer conversion rates.

Anticipating trends and pre-empting solutions for a constantly evolving business landscape, IPC enhances operations in retail and other industries, including healthcare, hospitality, transportation, warehouse and logistics, entertainment and security.

About Softjourn, Inc. 

Softjourn has been providing software engineering and business process outsourcing services from Ukraine since 2001. Both SMEs and Fortune 1000 companies have partnered with Softjourn, which has brought them advances in the services and products they are able to provide to their clients. With Softjourn, clients achieve increased revenue streams faster than they could alone.

Source: Softjourn

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