TEAM International Services Inc. Visits Retail Business Technology Expo 2016 in London, UK

TEAM International Services Inc. Visits Retail Business Technology Expo 2016 in London, UK

TEAM International Services Inc. continues to evolve its global presence worldwide in general and on the Europe market in particular.

This time our UK Representative visited Europe’s biggest, best and fastest growing annual event for retail and hospitality that took place in London on March 9-10th.

RBTE 2016 gathered over 350 solution providers and a record visitors number. It was announced that exhibition brought together under one roof more than 15 hundred attendees from all over the world.

“There is a strong demand for an event of this nature from European retailers, as there are no similar events within Europe where international retailers can get an overview of the international retail landscape”

claim the organizers.

All participants were able to join a world of retail innovation and inspiration and learn more about all the latest solutions provided by world leading organizations.

Attendees who represent retail industry itself had a chance not only to see and try advanced technological innovations but also join a wide range of seminars, conferences, keynotes and panel discussions and take part in an extensive educational program.

Our representative got a chance to meet Department Heads from leading technology companies that work with retail industry providing e-Commerce, Mobile, Payments and Financial etc. solutions face-to-face.

But in addition to those meetings there was an opportunity to try the newest devices including robots, eyeglasses and virtual showcases and learn about the highest level payment solutions from both English and worldwide providers.

Victoria, TEAM Marketing Representative (London Office):

“I think that this kind of an event is a must-visit for TEAM. Our company already has an experience in wide range of niches that provide solutions for Retail Industry.

To stay up-to-date, be aware of the newest technological innovations and ensure that our team of professionals is able to cover all the needs our clients might have and puts all the efforts for our customers’ rapid and extensive grow we explore the newest tendencies and try to appear on time and in a right place for our customers.

People buy from people – and “handshake” meetings help us gain trust from our existing and potential clients”.


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