TotalSoft Launches Charisma ERP 2014

TotalSoft Launches Charisma ERP 2014

TotalSoft announces a new generation of the proprietary enterprise resource planning solution Charisma ERP 2014. The launch will take place during the annual event of the company, namely TotalSoft Days, scheduled for 29-30 October. TotalSoft Days is one of the largest IT events in Romania gathering extremely numerous application users. Charisma ERP 2014 integrates several new technologies and modules, developed internally by TotalSoft, as well as “third-party” applications aimed at extending the product’s features and thus, proposing the market a comprehensive business solution.

“Charisma ERP 2014 adds significant performance, flexibility and quality to businesses. Our concern for this product is constant – this new version relies mainly on the latest technologies incorporated, as well as on getting many ares of the system mobile-ready. Increasing usability by adopting mobile technologies is one of the trends that will dominate in Charisma, targeting areas such as sales, purchasing, tenders and order placement. The evolution of Charisma will be permanently in line with changes in the economic environment and customer demand.” Vlad Cristuţiu, Product Management Director, TotalSoft.

Among the new features included in Charisma ERP 2014, we mention the following: an eProcurement solution designed to optimize procurement processes, a new tool for payment tracking and scheduling, and a customer relationship management that combines CRM practices with Gamification principles. The HR component was completed with an electronic clocking-in system, dedicated to mobile teams and equipped with card and fingerprint readers, as well as equipment GPS tracking features.

To meet the European legislative changes in the banking system, TotalSoft has already implemented SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) features, providing the possibility to manage payments/ receivables using the euro currency prior to the deadline imposed by the authorities (1 February 2014). Also, Charisma 2014 includes a specific electronic invoicing module (document generation, signing, stamping, document return and archiving in a dedicated data center), which completely automates the billing process, regardless of the volume of the user’s activity.

TotalSoft continued the migration of business solutions towards mobile devices, in order to ensure business agility. Charisma 2014 comes with new mobile solutions such as Charisma Cash Flow, Charisma MedCare, Charisma CRM (both for sales force automation and technical field agents) and HR organization chart reports.

By using Charisma eProcurement, companies optimize the planning and execution of procurement processes, as well as contract and renegotiation management with various partners. The online procurement and tendering system includes policies and practices used by the largest companies in Romania such as Petrotel Lukoil refinery and Regina Maria Private Health Network.

The new Cash Flow module, also available on mobile devices, allows financial professionals to plan payments and maintain the highest level of cash liquidity, with a minimum of financial and legal risks. By correctly setting cash payment and liquidity, and by scheduling payments based on receivables and realistic assessment of the costs incurred by payment postponement, the cash flow management can now be controlled much better.

Charisma is a trusted partner for more than 1,000 companies, gathering the largest customer base of Medium-Large Enterprise business in Romania. Its customer portfolio include market leaders, such as TCE 3 Brazi, Medlife, UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Raiffeisen Leasing, Fildas Trading, Caroli, General Electric or Mediplus.

TotalSoft, (through Charisma ERP) has been ranked as no.1 in Top ERP Providers in Romania for the last three years in a row, according to the research conducted by the market analysis company Pierre Audoin Consultans.
However, along with other things of interest to the community Charisma will be described in the annual event TotalSoft days, which are expected over 1400 business partners in 25 countries.

All these along with other interesting facts for the members of Charisma community will be detailed during the annual event TotalSoft Days, where more than 1,400 business partners from 25 countries are expected.

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