TotalSoft Joins United Way Romania and the “Change Starts with Us” Social Responsibility Campaign

TotalSoft Joins United Way Romania and the “Change Starts with Us” Social Responsibility Campaign

TotalSoft joins United Way Romania and the “Change starts with us” social responsibility campaign to contribute, through donations and volunteering, to the education of the young generation.

Only by involving ourselves we can assure that more and more children, regardless of the material situation of their parents, have access to quality education. That is why TotalSoft team supports and encourages the involvement in the programs developed by United Way Romania.

United Way Romania is an independent organization led by local volunteers and is part of a 3000 organizations network from 45 world countries.

Its purpose is to collect funds in order to facilitate the access to education for children coming from low income families, people with disabilities, elders that cannot longer help themselves, sick children and/or coming from very poor families, victims of domestic violence etc.

Through their projects, United Way has the objective that in two years time they would be able to provide the necessary support for the integration of 4200 children from low income families or orphanages in schools or nursery schools.

4 reasons to support the ones that are lacking possibilities through United Way (

  1. We are guaranteed that the money donated, regardless of the amount, go where people mostly need it.
  2. We can help those people in need, people that would never get on the streets and beg.
  3. Nongovernmental organizations have the knowledge necessary to develop projects to help solve the problems of these people, or at least reduce these problems.
  4. United Way monitors and provides that the money is spent according to plans, and keeps us posted regarding what happens. Partner companies people are involved in the monitoring activities.

Each one of us can contribute with money/time for this action. The amount of money or time to give is up to us.


Source: TotalSoft

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