Victory in the tender on restart of «1С:Enterprise 8» in Panteleymonovka Refractory Plant

Victory in the tender on restart of «1С:Enterprise 8» in Panteleymonovka Refractory Plant

The Intercomputer Global Services company which is participating in the work of a “1C: Franchising” network providing complex services on automation of registration and administrative tasks on the basis of system of “1C: The enterprise” programs, won the tender for restart of “1C: The enterprise 8 Management of manufacturing enterprise for Ukraine” set of programs in in Panteleymonovka Refractory Plant (town Gorlovka, Donetsk Region).

Participants of the tender, which was announced in March, 2013, were to submit their proposals on automation of the followings directions:

  • personnel account and salary calculation;
  • accounting;
  • tax accounting;
  • management accounting;
  • production accounting.

The victory of the Intercomputer Global Services company was achieved both due to compliance of the created proposal to the tender demands, and already existing successful experience on automation of large manufacturing enterprises on the basis of systems of the 1C:Enterprise programs. Besides, the reasonable cost of the project implementation and system support also made an advantage.

Panteleymonovka refractory plant is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine for the production of magnesia refractories. The plant is a part of Magnezit Group and it produces shaped and unshaped refractory products for a variety of thermal units.

Magnezit Group is an acknowledged world leader in the field of production of magnesia products. The company provides for complete cycle of refractories production: from mining of raw materials up to engineering and operational service. Production and servicing enterprises located in Russia, Ukraine, China, Slovakia, make part of its structure, as well as a wide network of servicing and trading representative offices all over the world.


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