ZUS Invests in Customer Service Innovation

ZUS Invests in Customer Service Innovation

The consortium of Comarch and Mellon Poland announced today the full scale roll-out of the Queue Management System procured by ZUS at the end of 2010 as part of the Electronic Service Platform that the Polish Social Insurance Organization is realizing under the framework of the Operational Programme ‘Innovative Economy’, Priority Axis 7: Information Society – establishment of electronic administration, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. With the deployment of the Queue Management System, ZUS will manage to optimize the operation of its branch network and enhance the overall customer experience at the branch.

The Queue Management System is now deployed in all 347 branches of ZUS across Poland and includes both hardware and software components. ZUS branches are equipped with advanced ticket dispensers featuring touch screen panels with provision for the disabled, LED displays that guide visitors to the next available till, voice functionality, as well as LCD screens to inform and entertain visitors while they are waiting. For the tellers, there are special control panels that allow them to interact with the system and update the next customer in queue of their availability.

In terms of software applications, the consortium of Comarch and Mellon Poland provided ZUS with the Queue Management Platform that enables both branch administrators and central management to have a real-time overview of the waiting situation in every till, service or branch. Also integrated to the consortium’s offering, is the content management system, with which ZUS manages the content displayed on the LCD screens along with the current queue status.

An innovative and exciting feature of the Queue Management System is its integration with ZUS’s electronic channels, so that its customers may book their queue ticket on the internet and over the phone, without the need to be physically present at the branch beforehand. The system intervenes in the local queue operation, ensuring that the electronically booked ticket number is omitted from the locally dispensed tickets, and that the service flow is not interrupted.

The benefits from deploying such a system will be manifold for both ZUS and its clients. With the Queue Management System, ZUS will have unprecedented insight to the operation of each branch which will help them to manage waiting times, plan staffing and assess productivity and processes from transaction time and idle time data. As a result, customers will enjoy reduced waiting times, faster transactions, and ultimately peace of mind in interacting with their social insurance branch.

“Mellon has a long-standing history of successful cooperation with organizations that serve the public, enabling them to improve their operation and provide better customer service. With the Queue Management System, ZUS is able to collect, process and present statistical data, which will optimize their everyday operations in an organized and cost-effective manner. In undertaking such a demanding project, Comarch has been the ideal partner to ensure the successful implementation and smooth integration with ZUS’s existing infrastructure”, commented Grigorios Kotoulas, General Manager of Mellon Poland.

Source: Mellon

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