IT specialist is a top profession in Moldova

IT specialist is a top profession in Moldova

More and more young people are choosing to work in IT. Besides being one of the most well-paid jobs, it opens more opportunities to them, including the fact that they don’t need go abroad to earn their living, TV “Moldova 1” told TRM.MD.

Andrei Oprea is a fourth year student at the specialty of Computer Science at the Center of Excellence in the capital.

He says that since his childhood he has dreamed to work on the computer, hoping to become one of the best programmers in Moldova.

“For me, first of all, IT is a passion. I want to become a specialist in this field, to have a successful career, a well paid salary and receive pleasure from what I will be doing,”

he says.

700 students studying information technology at the Center of Excellence in Chisinau are sharing Andrei’s ideas. They recognize that the domain offers them more opportunities.

The central government claims that it is doing everything to improve the quality of education.

Information technologies occupy a growing share in the educational process, officials in education say.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the best paid Moldovan employees are in the IT sector. They receive an average of over 11,000 Moldovan leu (€489.07) per month.

Currently, there are over 22,000 IT specialists, representing approximately 2% of total number of employees.


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