Ten IT Outsourcing Game Changers from Gartner

Ten IT Outsourcing Game Changers from Gartner

Gartner, Inc. is an information technology reaserch and advisory firm headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, United States and providing technology related insight. According to the analyst firm, we’ll talk about the ten things or “game changers” in IT outsourcing.

1. The economy

In recent years the economy has been so bad that outsourcing has seen major changes, including suppliers sharing some of the pain that their customers are suffering and new delivery models emerged to help customers cut costs.

2. Generation Y

People who were born between 1982 and 2000 were known as generation Y. Now they are a significant portion of the workforce businesses and need to be equipped with the right kind of technology in place.

3. Globalisation

There are more choices of where to buy IT services but there are also new risks for CIOs to consider.

4. Sustainability/Green IT

Businesses are expected to lower their carbon footprints. Less paper is being used, less fuel on the aircraft because less weight is on the aircraft and it is much easier to use.

5. Cloud Computing

A quite simple is that Huntley said that “if you have not got a cloud strategy now get one immediately.”

6. Industrialised services

Within the next five years enterprise spending on industrialised services like software as a service and infrastructure as a service will reach $122bn.

7. Asset lift

The more that businesses buy IT as a service the less the need for internal assets.

8. Consumerisation

Consumerisation of IT will not only change the technology used in offices around the world but the way businesses interact and serve customers.

9. Unpredictability and risk

With the use of more and more suppliers and new relationships businesses must dedicate resources to asses the risks associated with working with suppliers.

10. Externalisation

It will be increasingly a case of how the IT department get other companies to do things for you rather than how do you do it yourself.

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