What Are Peculiarities of Trac?

It is known that a lot of different error tracking systems are available at present. Some of them are expensive, prices of some are moderate. There are free bug trackers as well.

One may get confused deciding what bug tracker to choose for mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. If testers want to save money and to opt for an open source bug tracking system, they should consider Trac.

Trac is an open source bug tracking system. It is not so widely utilized as Bugzilla and Mantis, but each software testing company utilizes it sometimes. Trac is very suitable for small projects or when relatively little team of testers examines large, complex system.

Among Hallmarks of Trac Are:

  • It is written in Python.
  • It can be integrated with SVN. The software engineers are able to interact with it while working on the application, and to comment the reported errors. It provides good communication between the testers and the development team. This is an important aspect of each mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.
  • It is very configurable, much better than Mantis is, and extensible instrument.
  • It is unable to handle several projects.
Source: QATestlab

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