5 Causes Preventing Candidates From Getting Job in a Software Testing Company

Nowadays a lot of software products serving various purposes, performing different tasks are produced.

It is known that an application cannot be released without mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

That is why a lot of software testing companies have been created and software testers became in-demand.

Today many young people want to be software testers. They find such job well-paid, interesting and up-to-date. But not everyone can be hired as software tester.

A software testing company prefers to employ only the most suitable candidates.

Probably a Candidate will not be Hired if He or She:

  • Sends incondite resume without or with unsuitable or too general cover letter. Such candidates are even rarely invited to the interview.
  • Applies for vacancies that do not suit his or her profile.
  • Really is not interested in web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. Such people cannot become skilled and creative software testers.
  • Is not able to explain what attracts him or her in software testing. As a rule it means that the person is not interested in the profession and applied just because he or she needs to get any job.
  • Didn’t explore about the company and vacancy requirements before going to the interview.
Source: QATestlab

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