Why Should One Put Emphasis on Nightly Processes during Web Software Testing?

It is common knowledge that every web application updates its data from the web. Web software exchanges data with the server and other software products. It allows web applications to give their users the latest information and keep them up to date.

Most of the substantial updates are performed at night as the users are active during daytime, as a rule. A professional software testing company always pays significant attention to the nightly processes. If something goes wrong during the nightly updates, the users may get wrong information, won’t be able to work with the application, or there will be other severe consequences.

Experts in manual and automated testing know that updates of web software products are not simple downloads of data at present.

In Course of Updates Such Processes May Be Executed:

  • the data are converted from one format to another;
  • some calculations are performed.

That is why web site testing on desktop and mobile devices, desktop testing and mobile testing of web programs may require more efforts than it seems at first thought.

Unfortunately, sometimes project managers underestimate significance of the nightly processes. Such negligence may lead to constant problems with the software. That is why one should include verification of the nightly data updates in every web software testing.

Source: QATestlab

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