Web Software Products: Access Points Issues

Web Software Products: Access Points Issues

The main aspect of the majority of modern apps and systems is security. Either it is mobile testing or web products testing, the security checking procedure is inevitable. Clients, as well as users, want to have their data in safety.

Security of web software products requires more attention than safe of desktop applications. It more complicated process.

One of the most important aspects of product security is an access point. With its help, the users and systems start interacting. The program should provide a user with an easy and fast access to particular data. Besides that, the access points prevent the intruders and unauthorized users to log in the system.

The checking of access points is the part not only of security testing but also of performance testing, usability control, and functional testing.

What Should Be Checked During Access Point Testing?

  • The testers should make sure that only authorized users are able to get the system access.
  • It is necessary to try to get access to the system under test with the help of trusted and untrusted applications, devices and networks. Only safe resources should provide the system access.
  • It is important to analyze the system behavior during the simultaneous actions including user authorization.

In case if the program allows downloading files, the specialists of software testing should check this function additionally. The requirements to such products, esp. to the files, vary a bit. First of all, the file properties should be specified (its size, type, etc.). Before downloading, it is necessary to check every file for the presence of malicious code.


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