How Do Advertisements Influence the Software?

How Do Advertisements Influence the Software?

Advertisements and sales by the means of software are considered to be relatively new. Their appearance was caused by the fast growing and developing IT sphere. It provides new ways and means to sale and purchase different goods and services.

Nowadays the advertisements and purchases by the means of software are very popular among users and the owners of software products. Software makes it easier and more convenient to do shopping and the distribution of information about various services among prospective customers.

But software testing company knows well the disadvantages of such a way of advertising and saling.

What Troubles May Advertisements in Software Products Cause?

  • The application architecture and redirecting may be too complicated and confusing for a user.
  • Advertisements can be very annoying, as they appear too often. Sometimes it is difficult to delete some ads. They can interrupt the proper interaction between the user and application. A thorough usability testing will prevent such an issue.
  • Ads can be located near the product elements, so a user may click the ad instead of using a certain system function. This problem is frequently faced to while working on mobile devices.
  • An application or device may operate and load slowly because of a large amount of ads. Mobile devices have lower capacities than PC, so this problem concerns more this type of devices. In such a case, load testingcannot be skipped.
  • If integrations and redirections are performed poorly, then it may be impossible to make a purchase or other issues may happen. It will harm the business activity.

Ads can be found mostly in free or cheap software products. That is why software testing, mobile testing and web application testing should be performed thoroughly.


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