3 Advices for Software Testers

3 Advices for Software Testers

It is not so easy to perform mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing as it may seem from the first glance. Software testing is rather complex process requiring certain skills and knowledge.

There are some advises that should be followed by novice and experienced software testers. Taking the advices helps to achieve better results and to improve software testing skills.

Among the Advices Are:

1. Enter upon web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing thinking positively. One should keep in mind that ideal software products do not exist nowadays. A good tester can find software bugs in any application. Besides tester’s feeling and mood have significant impact on testing process efficiency.

2. Properly elaborated test cases are of utmost importance for a testing process. A good test procedure contains test cases covering both awaited and unexpected behavior of the tested software product. It is wise to create test cases for true values and then to write negative test cases.

3. A software testing company recommends its testers to start writing test cases as soon as requirements are available. In this case certain defects can be found and corrected before coding. Such measures save time and resources and make the whole project more profitable.



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