When to Ask for a Promotion?

When to Ask for a Promotion?

A newcomer, who just starts to execute manual testing or automated testing and has good theoretical and practical basis, will soon get the promotion. In a short time, such skilled specialists will be able to manage the whole testing team. 

Usually, the tester’s career development and salary increase depend on the results of the specialist’s work of the last year or half a year. In software testing company, the decision of the employee’s promotion is made after the periodic review of his professional skills.

The experts of software testing, desktop testing or mobile testing are sure that it is acceptable to ask for a promotion during such a review, but several defined conditions should be kept.

What Are the Conditions of Tester’s Promotion?

  • A tester should prove that he is ready to bear the huge responsibility, that he will be able to manage and motivate the team. He should be always ready to help and give a piece of advice to the colleagues. It is necessary to fully realize the responsibilities and obligation of a new position.
  • A tester should not make serious mistakes which may lead to the project failure. Incompetent specialist should not even dream about the promotion. If a tester made some slight mistakes which had no influence on compatibility testing or any other checking type, then he should be able to explain the mistakes of such a kind.
  • The software testing company which has some financial troubles has no opportunity to promote its employees and to raise the salaries.

The software testing company encourages the improvement and development of the specialist’s professional level. Skilled, motivated and inspired employees will work more effective and will provide better results. It is the key to success. 


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