What are Automated Testing Advantages?

What are Automated Testing Advantages?

Today automated testing is widely used. There are many reasons for that. Of course all the testing works cannot be automated, as some activities should be performed manually in course of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing.

But there are many activities that should be automated. Otherwise the project may become noncompetitive at the market and lossmaking.

The Advantages of Automated Testing Are:

  • it can save time that is very important for project nowadays; otherwise testers may spend plenty of time on one testing process that must be performed many times in terms of the project;
  • it allows to unbind testers and they can engage in other testing activities;
  • a person may overlook or forget something;
  • it is hard for people to do the same boring work again and again; people are inclined to omit some parts that seem to be ok, or that previously contained no errors;
  • it is hard for people to repeat exactly the same actions in exactly the same order.

So, a mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing without automation is not so thorough and efficient. An experienced software testing company notices that such projects often extend beyond time constrains and budget limits and become unprofitable.


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