In What Situations is Automated Testing Effective?

In What Situations is Automated Testing Effective?

Attitude to automated testing is different nowadays. It is widely utilized during most of projects. But there are people who would like to automate all activities of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing. And there are people who consider automation to be waste of time, efforts and money.

The truth is that automation may be very fruitful and increase efficiency in many times if applied to the right tests. But it can be useless and loss making as well, if inappropriate tests are automated.

That is why a software testing company advises to find out what tests it is wise to automate. Each project is unique and must be considered separately. But for certain situations automated testing is believed to be the best solution.

The Next Tests Should Be Automated:

  • that cannot be executed manually;
  • that are to be performed many times in many builds;
  • that are difficult for manual testing and in which it is easy to make mistakes;
  • tests involving large data sets;
  • tests that take too much time and efforts when are executed manually.

There are test-cases that are better to execute manually, as they cannot be automated or automation is inefficient for them.


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