What Is the Goal of Automated Testing?

What Is the Goal of Automated Testing?

It is well-known that every mobile testing, desktop testing and web application testing has a goal to find all severe errors of the product under test.

The specialist’s scope of work is usually evaluated according to the number of discovered bugs within an hour or the whole working day. The specialists from software testing company should try to discover errors quickly. In such a case, automated testing will help them a lot.

The implementation of automation principle is considered to be the best way to make software testing more effective and resultative. It saves the tester’s precious time and effort. The general goal of automated testing is to enlarge the effectiveness of the checking process. Every test automation engineer should keep this item in mind.

Unfortunately, a lot of specialists forget this specific feature of automated testing and write autotests just hoping to discover the system bugs.

Why Cannot Autotests Discover Bugs?

  • Autotests are just the combinations of simple procedures.
  • They do not have the mind to decide whether the found error really is a bug. Only human beings have such ability.
  • Automation assists the testers to perform the routine duties and obligations quickly and more effectively. But in some cases it cannot fully replace manual testing.

While planning the testing procedure and determining what tests should be automated, it is very important to remember the core goal of automated testing and its role in the software checking process.


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