To What Should One Pay Attention Selecting Automated Testing Instruments?

To What Should One Pay Attention Selecting Automated Testing Instruments?

Automated testing is an important part of almost any testing process. It requires certain automated testing instruments, unlike manual testing. At present there is wide choice of instruments for automation. All the producers of instruments for automation will assure that only their product suits your project the most and it will do all the work for you by itself.

A professional software testing company recommends being careful choosing tools for automation. Many aspects should be considered in order to pick the right one.

Selecting of Automation Testing Instrument, it is Wise to Inquire:

  • whether the instrument is suitable for your application technology, for platforms on which the software is supposed to operate;
  • whether it is easy to use the instrument or specific knowledge is required for that; whether the testers are able to work with it;
  • whether the instrument performs the needed functions, whether it is convenient in usage; among useful functions of automated testing instruments are record-and-playback, possibility to perform corrections and to create tests manually and others;
  • whether the tool allows to create reusable, easily maintainable tests; whether the tests are resistant to adjustments and alterations in user interface of the software.

One should keep in mind that properly selected instruments for automation significantly increase effectiveness of web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing.


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