Why Is Automation so Popular?

Why Is Automation so Popular?

Despite all the techniques and methodologies used during software products development, it is still impossible to create a bug-free code (without any errors and problems). Every code requires the checking procedure – it may be special tools or software testing of various types.

Testers conduct functional checking, security control, load testing, smoke checking, regression testing, etc. in order to discover the most severe errors in the code for their further removing. Earlier manual testing was the main way to check the product. But if a system is too complex and multileveled, then the procedure will take too much time and effort.

Besides that, there is a high possibility for humans to make mistakes because of various factors (inattentiveness, weariness, etc.). That is why the automation principle is widely applied nowadays. Automated testing provides a lot of benefits to software testers and developers.

What Are the Pluses of Automation?

  • The automated checking procedure requires less time.
  • It increases the quality of testing – the test coverage is wider.
  • The general quality of the system is higher; the number of errors and mistakes is reduced due to the automation.

Nowadays there are a lot of various automation tools, for example, Selenium, Watir, Windmill, Ranorex, Sahi, Tellurium, NUnit, JUnit, Test NG, etc. Each of them is used to automate a particular software testing type. They can be free and commercial. Same specialists like to work with open-source tools.

With the help of automation tools, the employees of software testing company create excellent applications within a short period of time. But this skill requires the profound knowledge of the tool specifics and some experience of automation. 


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