Why Does Back-End Testing Cause Difficulties?

Why Does Back-End Testing Cause Difficulties?

There are back-end and front-end in each software product. The both aspects are significant and should be checked in course of mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

Front-end comprises everything that is visible for the product users. It can be tested by testers without programming skills and knowledge about the application structure and technologies in course of black-box testing.

A lot of methods, techniques and instruments are available for manual and automated testing of a software product front-end.

A software testing company can confirm that there are many difficulties with testing back-end of a software product.

The Difficulties Are:

  • There are few good instruments for testing a program back-end. SQL language is mostly utilized for this purpose. One may also use MS Access and MS Excel for handling data. But these applications are not fully adjusted for such testing purposes.
  • It is not so easy to work with back-end of a software product as with its front end. Back-end of an application does not have user friendly interface. It contains lots of various data, tables, objects, procedures and so on. Testing of software back-end requires profound knowledge of SQL language and SQL server. So, few testers are fit for this activity.

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