Bad Bug Report Is Developer’s Nightmare

Bad Bug Report Is Developer’s Nightmare

The cooperation between testers and developers defines the quality of product. Actually, the effectiveness of project depends on the work of every participant of software development life cycle.

Solidarity and respect are the fundamental principles of productive cooperation in software testing company. Besides that, communication prevents the misunderstandings and confusions. An effective exchange of information between testers and developers is very important.

Developers often complain that bug reports made by testers are not always well structured and may contain a lot of unnecessary facts. And testers confirm that developers do not want to admit their mistakes and fix these errors.

No one knows who is right. But it is obvious that every report should be clear, exact and informative. Knowledge, skills and practice are needed to manage this rather difficult task.

What Are the Common Bug Report Mistakes?

  • Criticism. Reports should not contain any critical statements concerning developer’s competence or personal characteristics. It is not the behavior of a real professional. This is the demonstration of tester’s incompetence but not developer’s one.
  • Unclear description. While performing usability testing or system testing, the specialist finds out a bug. He should describe all actions that have caused this error. Sometimes, the developer cannot clarify such description as it has unclear formulation. In such case, the report is sent back to the tester. It cannot but disappoint the specialist.
  • Extra data. Reports may contain a lot of unnecessary information that only makes it difficult to understand the main point.         

While executing load testing, unit testing and regression testing, the specialist should try not only to do their job well, but also report about done work in an appropriate way.


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